Pascal Lacroix Tahoe Collection Oval Diamond Bracelet

# 103 Oval

Pascal Lacroix Tahoe Collection Oval Diamond Bracelet

# 103 Oval

Tahoe Collecton - 103 Oval:

Harmonious and refined, the pictured 14K Yellow Gold bracelet is set with a 1.20ct. oval diamond. The bracelet is solid, heavy-weight & 3.5mm wide. Priced without the center stone.

Pascal Lacroix bracelets are known for the unique clasp. Each bracelet is custom fit to your wrist...the resulting bracelet is one of the most comfortable bracelets I've ever worn. Because each bracelet is made to order, variations in metal color & karat gold are available. It looks great as a two-tone.

Looking for that special center stone? We have the expertise and would love to make it happen for you!


Product Details

Name Tahoe Collection Oval Diamond Bracelet
Stock Number 103 Oval
Type Bangle

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J.C. Sipe Jewelers Pascal Lacroix
Pascal Lacroix

Pascal Lacroix, master of his art, builds stunning luxury bracelets with precious gems and metals. Encircling our arms, they denote connectedness. Without beginning or end, they represent infinity. For 35 years, Pascal Lacroix has been creating one-of-a-kind luxury bracelets from start to finish. Pascal's minimalist yet timeless designs are all original. His unique, invisible hinge and clasp, engineered to perfection, are unequaled in the profession. Pascal Lacroix will construct his design around your precious gem, fitting it to your wrist, giving it the new life for you to enjoy. Once you see a Pascal Lacroix bracelet, you won’t ask why. You’ll ask, "How soon can I wear one?"